About myself

My Name is Klaus Stangl! I'm student on the local Technical University of Graz studying Software Development & Knowledge Management. I'm also educator in the local Silicon Studio Graz / Wifi Steiermark. I'm teaching Maya there... More about myself. I'm living in Graz, if you want to see more from my city, have a look there.

About my studies

This is a new study on our university. It is mainly about software development with additional economical lectures. You can find more about it on this site!

About my work

I've been working in this field since I was 15 year old. My career began with drawing technical visualizations for dynamic controlling systems. That's what I did besides going to school... The 3D business here in Austria is way too small and I hope I can help and/or perhaps encourage people to get into this business. That's why I've made this homepage and why I'm also working as educator...

  • 1990: First look at 3D Studio for DOS
  • 1991: Technical Visualizations for Dynamic Controlling Systems
  • 1995: 3D Studio MAX
  • 1998: First look at Maya
  • 1999: Maya Operator certification
  • 2000: AliasWavefront certification for Character Animation / Effects and Rendering technologies
  • 2000: Certifcation for professional adult education
  • 2001: Work as educator in Silicon Studio Graz
  • 2002: Award for TOP50 Maya Developer
  • 2002: Feature on German Maya forum
  • 2002: Top download on Spanish Maya forum
  • 2002: Two side Article in Digital Production
  • 2002: Winner: Graphics&Vision Student Web Page Competition
  • 2003: Software Development & Knowledge Management
  • 2004: Collecting experience with cyberware laser scanning & discreet inferno* systems
  • 2005: Digital panorama photography (exmaples in digital photo section) and HDRI creation
  • 2006: Begin with final bachelor work for ICG / TU Graz
    Topic: Character Pipline for Custom Realtime Engine

Every work on this site is non-profit...



I'm always open for suggestions and response of all kind. If you wanna mail me take this address: dreamfactory@gmx.net or office@worldofmaya.com