1. General

“The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron
(ISBN: 0-87477-821-2)
Comment: cool book for higher creativity...

“A Beginner's to Constructing the Universe” by Micael S. Schneider (The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, art and Science)
(ISBN: 0-06-092671-6)
Comment: it's an introduction to the geometric code of nature...

“Dynamic Light and Shade” by Burne Hogarth
(ISBN: 0-8230-1581-5)
Comment: it's what it's name says...

“Dynamic Figure Drawing” by Burne Hogarth
(ISBN: 0-8230-1581-5)
Comment: you know how to draw Hercules-type figures...

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“The Illusion of Life (Disney Animation)” by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
(ISBN: 0-7868-6070-7)
Comment: a must-have

“Künstliche Welten” von Rolf Giesen und Claudi Meglin
(ISBN: 3-203-84114-2)
Comment: don't know if there's an English version, a must have for f/x-specialists

“The Art and Science of Digital Compositing” by Ron Brinkmann
(ISBN: 0-12-133960-2)
Comment: a little bit of theory...

“Digital Compositing – In Depth” by Doug Kelly
(ISBN: 1-57610-431-1)
Comment: a practical book, must have for everyone...

“[digital] Lightning and Rendering” by Jeremy Birn
(ISBN: 1-56205-954-8)
Comment: must have for every 3d freak...

“Animating Facial Feautrs & Expressions” by Bill Fleming and Darris Dobbs
(ISBN: 1-886801-81-9)
Comment: it's what it says...

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“Learning Maya (3)” by Alias|Wavefront Education Publishing Group
(ISBN: 0-9685725-4-5)
Comment: you'll get it with your copy of Maya! The best introduction into Maya, real cool examples...

“Mastering Maya Complete 2” by Perry Harovas, John Kundert-Gibbs and Peter Lee
(ISBN: 0-7821-2521-2)
Comment: a must after “Learning Maya”. There should be a new version for revision 3 soon...

“Maya2 Chracter Animation (3D Story Conecpt Development & Modeling)” by Sherri Sheridan, Tim Coleman and Nathan Vogel
(ISBN: 0-7357-0866-5)
Comment: it's an high-standard book... you can find everything from storyboard to modeling... must have after “Learning Maya” and “Mastering Maya Complete”...

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“Inside Softimage 3D” by Anthony Rossano
(ISBN: 1-56205-885)
Comment: was cool for the old version of Softimage... cool pics...

“Softimage|XSI Character Animation – f/x & design” by Chris Maraffin
(ISBN: 1-57610-642-X)
Comment: first animation book for XSI

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“3D Studio Max 3 – Professional Animation” by Angi Jones and Sean Bonney
(ISBN: 0-7357-0945-9)
Comment: good animation book for Max...

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